This rental is intended for the decoration of public spaces indoors registering a reduced or moderate flow of visitors and preferably regular.

Free is guaranteed, no "hidden" costs, but it's subject to a few conditions (see below).

Artworks are rented according to their availability.

Conditions – Free rental

Duration:                                                       Minimum 1 month / maximum 3 months

Periodic renewal:                                          Yes. Monthly for three months. It's also possible                                                                                    to keep the same work (s) for three months. To                                                                                      be specified when signing the contract.

Renewal of the contract:                               Yes, but with other works.

Maximum number of artworks:                   Three

Acquisition possible:                                      Yes (See below)

Cancellation possible before the end of the contract:

                                                                        Yes. One week notice sent by email.

Which geographical area?:                          French-speaking Belgium and departments of                                                                                       northern France. Rental possible outside this                                                                                         geographic area, but travel or shipping costs are                                                                                   billed (see below “Who performs the  installation”).

Non-exhaustive list of spaces accepted

It's always recommended to contact me when the environment in which you want to install the artwork(s) isn't mentioned in the list below.

  • Restaurants,
  • Banks,
  • Hotels (reception, rooms, hallways, lunch room),
  • Business (meeting room, reception hall, lunchroom),
  • Hospitals (reception hall, hallways),
  • Hair salons,
  • "Fashion" shops,
  • Tourist offices,
  • Cultural centres,
  • Breweries,
  • Libraries, reading rooms,
  • Waiting rooms,
  • Reception halls (Dedicated reception rooms for parties, commemorations...)
  • ...

List of not allowed spaces

  • Bars,
  • Pizzerias,
  • Chips stands,
  • Discotheques,
  • Offices for individual use,
  • Sanitation facilities

What medium are the works printed on?

Most of the works are printed on canvas or paper "FineArt" (Hahnemühle and Canson)


It's possible to acquire an exposed painting at the end of the contract, but not before.

However, it's possible to express the wish to purchase one or more paintings on display at any time during the rental and at the latest one week before the end of the contract so that I can send the instructions to the printing house and the offer.

The buyer can choose a different medium from that used during the rental.

The artwork(s) are always returned at the end of the contract unless they're damaged. In this case, compensation will be claimed or a refund equivalent to the price of the work if it is irrecoverable.

For prices and medium, it's here.

Who performs the installation?

1- Myself. You do nothing. I present myself on a date agreed in advance with the artwork(s)                        and install them.

2- Yourself. In this case, you will be responsible for the correct installation of the artwork(s).                           This solution can be considered if you don't benefit from the free rental                                         conditions. Only the shipping costs and those for the return (if you don't buy the                         painting) will be invoiced.

The paintings on paper are framed, protected by a glass. It's necessary to drill a 6 mm hole for the fixing, sometimes two. The works on canvas are stretched on a wooden frame that doesn't require framing (see photo here).